Monday, August 17, 2009

(Another) Multiple Birth

Not mine (to assure my partner who probably just fainted).
This morning I saw a knocked-up mouse frolicking about the kitchen. OMG. Now the rest of you have probably just fainted. I cannot believe that we not only have to contend with viral conjunctivitis and teething this week, but also vermin. I feel defeated; this is the mouse that broke the mother's back. But have those babies anywhere near my babies Mouse, and I'm bringing in the big guns. Oh yeah, it will be stick pads, pest control and Pumpkin the cat. Why respond with a water pistol when you can engage nuclear arsenal? I'm not called Kim for nothing. Hell, I might change my surname to Jong-il and order in some Korean BBQ just to show that mouse I mean business. Dear Leader.
Must get back to filling every gap in the house with steel wool. Some of those gaps are so big, I bet that mouse just strolled in on her hind legs.

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