Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Double, double toil and trouble...

We attended our first 1st birthday party on the weekend and it was lovely -- chocolate crackles, cake, a jumping castle which was so big it filled every inch of the garden and dwarfed the house (more of a jumping Imperial Palace, really, but it was a hit, a Big hit).
I wasn't going to have a 1st birthday party for the boys, until, in a rare stroke of genius, I came up with this for a theme. It's going to be a bubble party -- a bubble machine for the boys, aerobars for the big kids and I'll be mainlining champagne. Heck, I'm almost thinking we might stick with the theme but ditch the children -- just get all the other twin parents over instead. Here's to toil and trouble, delicious boisterous toil and trouble.

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